Witches on Aclion are held with much hate. Many think it is the Witches fault for the Overgrowths that curse the lands, and most societies see their form of magic as unnatural and archaic in nature. Over the past 150 years since the Awakening Witches have gone into secrecy due to multiple mass huntings of their kind. Society today will not kill a witch once found but will quarantine the witch and put them through a series of tests to see how tainted they are.

Playing a Witch
Witches are a class I wouldn’t recommend, if found out about your witch craft you will be quarantined and given tests. They will not be easy, and will most likely end up with the death of your character.

There is 3 factions of witches within the world:
The REDEEMED: These Witches have given themselves to the governments of the world and are trying to save their way of life. A Witch of the Redeemed have been marked by an arcane rune that allows a group of Wizards to manage their movements and activities. Although these Witches are under scrutiny they have also been allowed access to the Academy were those that show arcane talent are schooled. This benefits them in the way that they gain the ability to have a ARCANE BOND like a wizard. Some Witches of the Redeemed have been granted the right to go to school with some of the higher ranking priests of the world and because of that can CHANNEL ENERGY as a cleric.(can only channel to heal)

The WILD: Witches of the Wild are exactly like it sounds. Witches who hide in secluded areas of the world and practice their art in piece. Normally hermits these witches barely interact with the outside world. These witches are the ones that follow the most common myths about witches, they eat little children, give birth to hideous monsters and are crazy. These assumptions however are wrong, most of these witches are guardians of the earth, unlike druids who have adapted to stopping the natural movements of Aclion, Witches of the Wilds have come together to talk to the Planet and figure out what truly is wrong. These witches gain an ANIMAL COMPANION as the druid, and can pull spells off the ORACLE spell list.

The CORRUPT: The Witches of CORRUPTION are a extremely secretive society of witches. Not much is known about them and their plans, but there is rumors among witches that these are vile evil creates who have given their souls to corruption, and are to blame for the fall of the witch.


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