Wild Druid


Wild Druids are an extremely rare druid to stumble upon in any civilization. These druids are normally found within packs of wild animals or within nomadic tribes of lycanthrope. They are wild in nature looking to their animal instincts to survive. Naturally gifted in the ways of wild shape these druids are sometimes known to never be seen in humanoid form, or some even think they are animals who can transform into humanoid form.

Playing a Wild Druid
Druids who are of the Wild Druid gain the ability to wildshape into magical beats. The beast must not be over 2 CRs of the druid and must meet all other wild shape requirements. They also can stay within a wild shape form for 2 hours a level instead of 1 hour a level.

These druids do not deal with civilization much, and when they do it is not known what they are.

Wild Druid

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