Sun Druid


Druids of the Sun are a druid circle that works with civilization to stop the Overgrowths that devour areas of land. These druids hold a nobility within all kingdoms of Aclion. After the event called the “Awakening” druids became the main source of survival for all races. Overgrowths were common events that would wipe a settlement away and leave few survivors. A group of druids decided that something different needed to happen, so they established a new order of druids, and in that order would follow a different belief from their brothers. The order of the Sun Druids was then created to help civilization rebuild and thrive against a planet wild and chaotic.

Sun Druids are taught at an academy which can be found on Crea.
Sun Druids are scouted at a young age and either presented to the council of elders that rules the Sun Druids or is sponsored by a master druid from the order.
Kingdoms throughout Aclion have small circles of Sun Druids that are treated as nobles, and are in charge of districts to prevent complete destruction from Overgrowths.

There are five ranks within the Sun Druid order.
Dawn: A young druid who is learning from a master.
Morning: A druid who has proven his skill and may take a area to watch.
Noon: A druid who has passed his tests, and the noon rank may sponsor a druid and take him as an apprentice
Dusk: These druids are those who sit on the Council, there rank is equivalent to princes
High Noon: This is the most powerful druid within the order.

Playing as a SUN DRUID
Sun Druids gain the Diminsh Plants spell as a spell like ability based on druid lvl, can cast wis mod/day

If you are starting as a 1st lvl druid you are of the morning rank. To move higher within the ranks of the order you must show you can use the powers taught to you and stop an overgrowth of moderate danger, then you may go back to Crea and enter for the tests of the sun.

Sun Druid

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