Moon Druid


Moon Druids are druids who live off the land and do not interfere much with civilization. Druids of this order are more about preserving the natural order of things. There circles are not as big as that of the Sun Druid but they are spread out all over Aclion. Most Moon Druid circles are nomadic people who follow herds of animals or move with the changing of seasons as to not deplete the land of natural resources.

The leaders of the Moon Druids believe that the Sun Druids have abandoned the planet and are going against what nature has in store for the planet. Never will they be hostile towards each other but never will they be completely allied in ideals and beliefs.

Playing a Moon Druid
Moon Druids gain the Walk the Lines ability. Which is located within the Menhir Savant Archtype. This ability however does not gain its full effect until later in a druids life.
1st lvl : acts as dimension door
10th lvl: acts as Transport via Plants

This druid is most like the one described within the Players Handbook.

Moon Druid

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