Welcome to a world filled with arcane energy. Aclion is alive, the planet is shifting and growing all the time. Kingdoms have been lost to forests growing overnight, or mountains rising from the ground, waters rising from the ocean, and sink holes swallowing entire cities. Years of living on a chaotic planet have equipped those living with the skills and abilities to combat these natural catastrophes, so civilization has survived and is making advances in the natural arcane resources stored within the planet. Countries and Kingdoms have remained small for this reason, but with recent advances in magic and technology they strive to grow. Sending out a call for adventurers all over the race for land and power has begun.

This adventure will be run using the Kingmaker AP, you have been charged with the duty to help explore untamed lands for the Council of Kings. The setting and style of Aclion is 1600 century with high magic.

Arcane Divergence