Aclion is a world so developed and taken over with arcane power that the classes have been tweaked to match the worlds arcane influence. Here are things each classes receive along with the normal classes traits.

  • Barbarian – Eater of Magic Rage power(unchained)
  • Bard – gain Arcane Bond, and Dweomercraft (Magician archtype)
  • Cleric – Metamagic feats can apply to divine spells
  • Druid – each faction has a different ability

* Wild Druid – wild shape into magical beasts (druids lvl)
* Sun Druid – Diminish Planets spell like ability wis mod/day
* Moon Druid – Walk the Lines – dimension door using plants(Menhir savant archtype)

  • Fighter – Arcane Strike Feat (lvl + con mod/rounds a day), Disruptive 6th, Spellbreaker 11th
  • Monk – Gain the Qinggong monk ki powers(Ultimate Magic)
  • Paladin – Gain a Domain based on Deity
  • Ranger – can cast spells off Magus spell list
  • Rogue – gains Magical Expertise(counterfeit mage archtype)
  • Wizard – Spell Mastery Feat (3rd,9th,12th lvl)
  • Sorcerer – Gain Metamagic Adept sorc lvl +int mod/day (3rd lvl Arcane bloodline)
  • Inquisitor – Defense against Magic(Spell breaker archtype)
  • Summoner – Plant Eidolon (Wild Caller archtype)
  • Alchemist – all Alchemists are Preservationists
  • Cavalier – Exotic Mount (Beast Rider archetype)
  • Samurai – Iaijutsu Strike (Sword Saint archtype)
  • Ninja – Transformation (Formless Ninja Archetype)
  • Magus – Arcane Bond(Wizard ability)
  • Oracle – Tinkering(Seeker Archetype)
    *Warpriest – gain Mystic Interference(Disenchanter arch) can either cast this or channel energy, but uses a channel energy charge.


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